CEREMONY brings together publicly established artists and the everyday artist: those friends who scribble poems in their notes app that the world needs to see and celebrate. 

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Eske Schiralli

“Our parents hustled; they worked their asses off in all these fields that they were more or less doing to make money to support their families to give us these opportunities – I'll even say, luxuries and privileges. So now that we're doing stuff like this, this hasn't been done before. Or if it has, it usually comes from people with a lot of money, big companies, big entities, big personalities that had backing or were born into privilege or whatever. So now that we're this new generation of people doing this wild west of creative stuff, no wonder there's burnout, no wonder there are these questions or, like, exposing and being transparent about all these processes, because that was never there before. Or if it was, it was for all those people that I just listed.”

Originally immersed in the world of fashion, I've transitioned into sharing my love for the craft through teaching sewing and strategy rather than design and production. I find joy in sparking curiosity and sharing an unwavering belief in the power of lifelong learning. Drawing on my industry experience, I now dedicate myself to educating aspiring artists, equipping them with both technical skills and a futurist mindset. I dream of one day providing a space where creative individuals can feel empowered to explore their personal growth and contribute to collective success.

Latest in Community

Stephen Attong 

“I like to think of all of the moving parts of production. In my world, there's a photographer, an assistant, a lighting assistant, a stylist, all this stuff. When someone is career-driven, they probably like to view themselves as the glue to everyone. I'm trying to rewire this thinking.

Usually, I think I am the glue, and this is the team around me that is making something. At the same time, in the stylist's mind, they might think they are the glue, and everyone is helping create their vision. Each person probably feels a percentage of that feeling. When the actual image comes out, the audience is like, okay, the person that is photographed is the glue. No one actually has that title at the end of the day...It's good to never forget that you're basically in service to whatever craft it is instead of being like, this is ‘my team.’”

Stephen Attong is a Trinidad-born, Toronto-based photographer (b.1994). His work explores the sentimentality in public spaces. From amusement parks to quiet moments with friends, hidden beneath playful colours and structures is deep contemplation of shared experiences. He intends to enable viewers to relate to, recall or imagine their own memories in his work. Often inspired by screenplays and cinema, Attong explores how these experiences, perspectives, and ideas can co-exist through the common anchor of a still image.

The projects in CEREMONY are portals: immersive experiences that ask you to step into their worlds and be 'in' ceremony with them. They integrate stories shared or imagined in art with the realities we find around ourselves.




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