CEREMONY  is an independent poetry project turned collective experiment in collaboration.

Examples of what is possible in the world of collaboration


Our books include image-makers, poets, siblings, writers, engineers, researchers, musicians, makers, artists, creatives, wood-workers, baristas, servers, athletes, designers, painters, visual artists, nurses, parents, and media artists, among others: people who make things. Each book explores one main theme from a variety of perspectives. Each perspective supports the next and creates a collaborative story and experience. 

CEREMONY intentionally creates what Parker Palmer calls "intimacy that does not annihilate difference." There are many ways of being 'in' ceremony with our projects: whether sitting for an hour reading a book front to back, randomly opening a book and finding the company you need on the page where you land, or sitting back, zoning out and listening to a score. Our work is as present with you as you are with the work. Each book comes with a custom musical score. They are available digitally and in limited edition prints.

Ceremony I An Exploration of Being

Ceremony I
An Exploration of Being

Ceremony II An Exploration of Being Together

Ceremony I I
An Exploration of Being Together

The projects in CEREMONY are portals: immersive experiences that ask you to step into their worlds and be 'in' ceremony with them. They integrate stories shared or imagined in art with the realities we find around ourselves.




For all inquiries, please email hello@ceremony.community

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